AdvancedMC(AMC) 前面板

  • Compact, Mid and Full size in both single and double heights
  • Front panels, EMC shielded, in two materials: Stainless steel, Aluminum
  • Fabric over foam gasketing
  • Customize surface treatment: Anodize/Chromate/Special color Anodize
  • Custom cutout/silk-screening (single or multicolor)/ painted/ powder coat are available
AdvancedMC(AMC) 前面板
 AMC Front Panels  Part no./Stainless  Part no./ Aluminium
 Single compact, 3HP  AMCS-FP3-S  AMCS-FP3-A
 Single midsize, 4HP  AMCS-FP4-S  AMCS-FP4-A
 Single full size, 6HP  AMCS-FP6-S  AMCS-FP6-A
 Double compact, 3HP  AMCD-FP3-S  AMCD-FP3-A
 Double midsize, 4HP  AMCD-FP4-S  AMCD-FP4-A
 Double full size, 6HP  AMCD-FP6-S  AMCD-FP6-A

MicroTCA Chassis / Platform

  • Compliant to PICMG MicroTCA Base specification
  • 1 MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) slot (Single Full-size)
  • 6 AMC single Mid-size slots
  • Dimension: 1U(H) X 19”(W )X 305mm(D)
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Integrated 350W ATX power supply with wide range input
  • 4~7 temperature controlled 12 VDC fans (40X40X20mm) for cooling the MicroTCA boards
MicroTCA Chassis / Platform