VME Front panels (VFP)

  • Material: 2.5mm aluminum extrusion
  • Finish: Alochrom or anodized; or front anodized, rear conductive, or painted
  • Includes: VME ejector handles, EMC gaskets, PCB holders, collars with captive screws Custom cutout and silk-screening available within 2 weeks
VME Front panels (VFP)
Description U HP Part No.
 Blank VME front panels  3  4  VFP-304A
 6  4  VFP-604A
 VME front panel with custom cutout  3  4  VFP-304A-C
 6  4  VFP-604A-C

Description Part No.
 VME Bottom ejector handle  V-EHA
 VME top ejector handle  V-EHB


Description Part No.
 PCB holders for VME front panels  M-N04